Having coached my first Kona qualifier back in 2007 I worked through my BTF qualifications to level 3, set up Salsibury Triathlon Club, recieved Wiltshire and Swindon Coach of the Year in 2010, having been short listed for the 220 Triathlon Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Triathlon in 2011. I have coached National Middle Distnace champions, 5 Kona qualifiers and have got 100's of first time triathletes through their first events be it Ironman or Sprint distance.

I have personally completed 6 FULL Ironman events, mulitple 70.3 and qualified for the World 70.3 Champs in 2009, I finished 8th in the first ever off road Ironman XTRI which has been named one of the toughest events of its kind, only 60 international athletes completing the tough race. 



As a coach and athlete I believe the cross over from all endurance sports is the key to training smart, we learn from all the sports and are able to apply techniques and training methods from them all which makes us better athletes and it allows us to better understand how to apply the correct training to the individual. We read all the time that this or that method is the best and only way to train, well in my expereince the best way to train is specific to an indiviual and can not be taken from a generalised article online or in a magazine. We all respond differently to different training methods and what makes the good coach great is being flexible and finding out what method works for who. 




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