E3coach.com are excited to list the companies below, E3coach.com work with these companies providing a variety of fitness training, from online plans to reach event goals to 1-1 confidence and skill sessions or Articles and webinars to inform clients of training methods. Helping people maximise their active holidays or completing their first European Sportive. 


If you would like to see how we can work with you then email us at  or phone on 07804387601 



We strive to push the boundaries of fabric technology, through a never-ending process of improvement. You can see our commitment to this process in the engineering of our prototypes, right through to thoughtful details in the end product. Once we have developed a product as far as it willgo, we just keep on going. People are at the core of this evolution. Every GORE product is the result of integgral partnerships. We collaborate with professional athletes to research, to develop and test function-first apparel that sets new standards in comfort and protection.We innovate so that you can experiment more. So that you can take on the elements, push your performance, and challenge your limits.

Together, we embrace our shared commitment to continuously improve. 






Ultimate Sports Engineering (USE) was founded in 1990 and is to this day driven by the obsession of creating the ultimate in innovative sports products. Today Ultimate Sports Engineering encompasses design and production of: Cycling components (USE), Cycle lighting (Exposure Lights) and Marine Lighting (Exposure Marine).  Bury, nestled in the heart of the South Downs National Park is the backdrop for this and we pride ourselves on production here. 




Longest Day Longest Ride


From ‘weekend warriors’ to recreational riders and cross-country racing snakes, the Longest Day, Longest Ride will test physical fitness, stamina and mental toughness on a technical, but achievable course which offers a variety of riding from forest roads to sweeping singletrack and boardwalks through the trees. The event is open to solo riders and teams alike.  The emphasis with all Loaghtan Loaded events, is firmly on participation enjoyment and fun for all involved, whether riders, family members, spectators or support crew.



Swinnerton Cycles


Swinnerton Cycles Forest Centre is situated in the Midlands in the heart of Cannock Chase home to the famous 'Follow the Dog' and 'Monkey Trail' mountain bike trails.Swinnerton Cycles Forest Centre is the ideal base to explore the fantastic scenery and diversity of terrain the Chase has to offer.
We are a family run shop, offering an extensive range of cycles, accessories and advice for the whole family. Established in Stoke-on-Trent back in 1915, it is now managed by the third and fourth generation, Mark and Jack Swinnerton. With over 100 years combined industry knowledge our staff are committed to providing the best customer experience possible!

All our staff love to get out cycling on and off road – and with this experience we carefully hand pick all of our bikes and accessories to suit the tough Cannock Chase conditions. Whatever age or stage you are at in cycling, we will find that perfect bike or accessory that suits you, your style of riding, and your budget.

Our mechanics also play a vital role in the quality of the finished product that you purchase. Their love of bicycles shows in the pride they take in assembling and servicing your bike – and not just the ones we sell. So whether it’s a minor tune-up or a major overhaul, you can count on us to do the job right.




The Banff Mountain Film Festival is one of the largest and most prestigious mountain festivals in the world. The “mothership” festival has been held at the start of November each year since 1975 in Banff, Canada. The festival draws some of the world’s best film makers and accomplished outdoor heroes to celebrate adventure, the environment, mountain culture and the outdoors through film.




With a record solo entry for 2017 we are delighted to confirm we are partnering with E3C for 2017.

E3C will be offering advice and tips to 24hr soloists along with unique training plans to help you reach your goal time, or goal of completion, at a discounted rate. 

E3C have been working with endurance athletes for over 12 years now and are proud to coach the Elite European and National 24hr Champion, Matt Jones, and Single Speed World Champion, Steve Day, along with many other 24hr soloists and teams. 

The aim is to help beginners gain confidence to step up and take on the 24hr events, as well as helping those of all levels with their race. We will be offering the knowledge not only from the coach but also top riders to give you the best package possible.



E3coach.com provide UKXCnews with Web content and coaching articles for mountain bike fitness in racing, we also answer and training and racing related questions. Working with UKXCnews helps keep riders up to date with all the latest knowledge. 




We love to bring our passion for cycling to our events in Portugal. Whether you wish to bathe in the luxury of our Grand Tours or test your skills on our Sportives, we’ve got an experience that will stimulate your senses and challenge your mind and body.

Regardless of the event you choose, you will ride alongside UCI Professional cyclists and legends of cycling. They will share their experiences and knowledge with you to ensure you leave a better cyclist hungry for the next challenge. 

On your guided cycling tour you will be pampered by our professional soigneurs and supported by our fleet of vehicles on every mile of the adventure. You will have nothing to think of but the ride.

So, come and join us for a new adventure in Portugal and the ride of a lifetime.




We [Tri-Adventure] are delighted to be partnering with E3Coach.com who provide on-line training plans for fitness and performance as well as nutrition plans, 1-2-1 coaching and V02 testing. Training plans are suitable for those enjoying outdoor adventure sport and racing for fun, as well as for the more serious athlete. Head coach Jon Fearne has over a decade of experience coaching athletes from world champions to those just taking first steps to exercise. As well as his years of experience coaching athletes, Jon is himself an accomplished athlete, having completed, among other things, Ironman x 6 (racing at semi-pro level) and Transalps which is one of the most gruelling MTB stage races for amateur riders. Currently training world and European 24 hour solo MTB champions, triathletes, ultra-runners and sportive cyclists, Jon and his team are the perfect partners for us and our clients here at Tri-Adventure events. 




E3coach.com have partnered with Sportive Breaks to provide quality training plans, blogs, webinars and coached sessions all to ensure customers of Sportive Breaks have a great journey to their start line and beyond. 




We want to encourage as many people as possible who may never have entered these types of events before. We want you to come and have fun and push yourself in a way you may never have thought possible. Our events are designed to be as inclusive as possible with a wide variety of route choices from which to choose.There is something for everyone from the first time runner to the professional tri-athlete. We run very friendly and relaxed events so come and join us and have some fun.


Offbeat Events


Offbeat Events is an event management company based in The New Forest, Hampshire. We host events such as Running, Mountain Biking, Triathlon, Duathlons and MTB Beach Racing across the counties of Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire.

Manx 100


The Manx 100 is a 100 mile endurance mountain bike event. It is the only 100 mile event in the UK that we can find. The event also has a shorter European cousin of 100 kilometres.





E3coach have had a long working partnership with Alpcycles providing their customers with training plans to make sure they achieve their Alpine cycling goal. We have been working alongside Aplycycles for 2 years now and look forward to many more years helping their customers. 





E3Coach are super excited about working with the BC Regional XC event Souther XC series. these events are expanding from 1 day into 2 day with an off road duathlon on the Saturday and the XC racing on the Sunday. E3coach will be providing guidance on racing and will also be providing racing commentary





The Trail Events Company was founded out of our love for trails and the outdoors. We offer everybody the chance to experience the wonderful trails and National Parks of the UK. Throughout the team we have a wealth of experience setting up all different events; whether trail, marathon, mountain bike or extreme endurance.

Our past endeavours also go into retail outlets and e-commerce, we’ve done it many times before and got the t-shirt to prove it. As runners ourselves, we know first hand what makes a good event. Our passion lies in making fantastic trail events across beautiful parts of the UK for any level of endurance Challenger to enjoy.

We have different series for you to compete in: Trail Running Series, Coastal Series, One Off Specials and a host of events in the pipe line. Our routes combine the perfect blend of challenge and awe-inspiring landscapes to ensure you get the best experience possible. Safety on our trails is important to us and everything is well sign-posted along the course.