E3Coach are proud to work with Wolrd champions in XC 24hr racing, Europen 24hr MTB champion, National Marathon Champions, Nationally ranked XC riders, Podium finishers in Cape Epic, Trans Alp and other multi stage events. E3coach use thier years of own racing knowledge across the MTB distances mixed with the science and understanding of what the athlete wants to achieve, to allow us to create personallised and specific training plans. 

E3C offer 1-1 sessions so you can maximise your riding, learning techniques to help build strength and reduce fatigue, ride out with Head Coach Jon Fearne with over 20 years endurance racing and 12 years coaching experience and see how you can improve.


What's your ride?


EC3 work with riders of all disciplines in Mountain Biking, from individual's to race Teams and believe in the cross over of training between XC, DownHill and Enduro.

We are all clear on what we require to be the best at our chosen discipline, sometimes mixing it up and getting benfits from another discipline can bring big gains to you the rider. Enduro riders working on XC style fitness so can be fresh to start each segment, Downhill riders putting in sprints up hill to build leg power specific to riding, with XC riders putting the body armour on and hitting Enduro/Downhill to enhance speed and skill through technical sections. It is all simple but very effective in getting improvements in your chosen sport and its still on a bike!!!!  


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Areas to focus on

-Hand Grip strength 


-Quck Reactions

-Flexibility- the range of movement of joints/limbs

-Bike handling skills

-Short term muscular endurance (STME)- the ability to sustain anaerobic efforts

-Upper body Strength

-Speed – the ability to accelerate cadence or to achieve a maximum cadence



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Areas to focus on


-Arm and upper body strength

-Core strength

-Bike handling

-Short term muscular endurance (STME) - the ability to sustain anaerobic efforts

-Speed – the ability to accelerate cadence or to achieve a maximum cadence

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 Cross Country:

Areas to foucs on

-Aerobic endurance- the ability to sustain a continuous effort for a long period of time

-Short term muscular endurance (STME)- the ability to sustain anaerobic efforts

-Muscle Power- the ability to produce instantaneous power

-Force- the amount of force that can be applied on the pedals

-Speed – the ability to accelerate cadence or to achieve a maximum cadence

-Flexibility- the range of movement of joints/limbs

-Upper body and core strength 

-Reaction times 

Below we have an example of two weeks training for an XC/stage racer: These sessions are designed around the rider's lifestyle and goals, this means every sessions has a purpose and will be making sure the rider is progressing.

 for more info on how we can help your MTB goals/dreams happen



Meet Steve Day three times World 24hr Single Speed Champion, Mountain Mayhem and Torq in Your Sleep overall winner 2015. E3coach have been working with Steve for the 4 years helping him on his way to being multiple World Champion:

"So, now I am the 2016 WEMBO 24-hour Singlespeed World Champion. Something that started over a beer after a 12-hour mountain bike race in August 2014, and has been my focus for the last 18 months. I am proud to bring the title back to the UK and hope to defend it in Italy next year. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my wife & son over the last year and a half and I am so grateful for their love and patience. Likewise, all of those people who made the trip to New Zealand possible through crowdfunder and helped keep me focused through the worst winter weather for training knowing that they thought this was possible too. Also, a thanks to Jon Fearne at e3coach and Julian Rider for their belief in me and their words of support – we got there in the end."



Meet Naomi Freireich current Elite National 24hr Campion and Elite European Champion, Taking 4th Elite at the world Championships 2018. Naomi has been working with E3C for 2 years now and has racked up some amazing international results and domestic. 


34463090 1868777773153316 967685676868829184 n Meet Tony Revell who spent two years under E3C guidance taking him to National master champion in XC and many podiums at National and regional level


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If your interested in any of the above please email  or call E3C on: 07804387601 





If you are interested in any of the above please email