We have all been there, no time to train in the week (apparently) then get out at the weekend for a smash fest, either solo or with friends.  The psychological reward from this training cannot be denied, we feel totally spent which makes us feel like we have achieved our training goal. 


What is your training goal? Get fitter, faster, and stronger, more endurance. 


If these are your goals you need to take a look at the fact that your weekend warrior approach is loosing the battle of progression. 


A simple understanding of progressive fitness is that we must stress/overload our bodies to encourage a physical adaptation, the human body and mind are amazing bits of tech (best bit of tech you have. Trust me) so we need to follow the instruction manual to get the best from our tech, right?  I mean using the rest of our tech means we learn how it works, our Garmin, Sunnto etc. 


Here is the simple manual for training processes in the body, really simple, simpler than your Garmin manual.


Small levels of stress, regularly applied builds a positive training stress which in turn allows our bodies to adapt. (just enough to improve our homeostasis) (Get fitter, stronger, faster)


Large levels of stress on an irregular basis will push the body beyond what it can cope with and being irregular or inconsistent means the body cannot adapt to this level of stress, thus no progressive gains. (Causes to much stress to our homeostasis)  


I have written about the positive effects of smaller more regular training many times and my endurance athletes have developed an understanding of the above positive method and have seen the gains up to World Champion level within the endurance world. 

The great thing is, in many ways it requires less training time to achieve greater results, what it needs is understanding that grows your level of belief once you have this and your consistency grows to more regular training you will then see the physical benefits, which in turn leads to solid psychological gains. 


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