Training Test Run SDW

Thursday night saw Lily the dogs and I head down to Arundel to get set up for a training run on the South Downs.

IMG 3711

This run was to look at what areas I need to be focusing on in the run up to the Manx100 challenge. The plan was to run from Arundel back to Winchester (approx. 50 miles) and see how I was doing, how the kit was, nutrition etc.

After a chilly night in the van I got up at 5am, made a quick dession to wait for sunrise to get some warmth as it was freezing. Sure enough an amazing sunrise and so after a good fuel up I hit the trail.

First marker was 10 miles out, the easy to remember Cocking Farm. I had said to Lily looking at 1hr45-2hrs, got there in about an 1hr30, yep should have clicked at this point I was going too quick for the whole distance. The problem was I was only thinking to each marker and so pushed on to get there.

Next Marker was Queen Elizabeth Park, close to 13 miles on. After a quick fuel up I headed off up Cocking Hill and yes too quick again and by mile 18 I was definitely  feeling the pace, slowed down and carried on making sure I was keeping to my fuel plan which was 2 gels an hour and 500ml energy drink, this always keeps me from getting hungry so was managing this fine.

Got to Lily at QE and made sure I took on some extra fuel here and arranged the next meeting point to be closer, approx. 6 miles away.

IMG 0691

I was starting to feel my elbow joints swell, I was using the poles for the first time since September and the my arms were not used to it.

Off I went loving the straight up Buttser Hill climb to get me going. The climb went ok and I moved along at a good sensible pace but could start to feel a couple niggles coming through in my knee and ankle.

At mile 25 I was thinking do I push on through the discomfort or be sensible, I new my training had been lacking strength work which I focus on to protect my joints and so was not surprised that at mile 30 I chose to stop and get in the van with Lily and the dogs.

Key Points:

  • Remember this is why we train to work out what we need to do, don’t beat yourself up over an unsuccessful session, just learn from it and then it becomes a successful session.
  • Watch your pacing in longer events even if there are clear shorter markers don’t forget the big picture
  • Nutrition was spot on
  • Cardio Fitness was great
  • Train more specifically (with poles)
  • While running I was looking at what was happening, heart rate was great RPE great but strength lacking.
  • Kit was comfortable and perfect for the conditions

Massive thanks to Lily and the dogs for all the support and the guys messaging to find out how it was going.

I only take positives from being out for 5hrs running in the beautiful country side in the glorious sunshine.

Cheers Alex Watts, I have evaluated. Cheers Matt Jones for the Road stop info. Thanks to Gore Wear for supporting my adventures and Torq for keeping my energy up, Exposure for helping me see round the van last night and this morning. My Garmin Fenix 5X for keeping me on track (if a little too fast)

IMG 0682

Apologies for any grammar and spelling but just got home and thought I would blast it out while fresh.