At some point in the year you’ll find yourself in that no mans land between transitioning from the joys of the end of season rest period and the getting back on it period. The training gooch? 

I’m not the greatest at keeping ‘on it’ year round like some can do so here are a few tips on getting back on the wagon that might help.


1. Don’t force it. Training for endurance’s events at any level takes commitment and you need to want to do it. Putting too much pressure on yourself to get your fitness numbers going in the right direction again can mean some people end up trying to get back in to more structured training before they are mentally ready. This may make you unhappy, unhappy people don’t train hard. Your mojo will come back in good time and it’s much more likely to last all year if you don’t force it. 




2. Enter a race where the only goal is to 100% enjoy yourself. Have a look out for local short xc races which are often low cost and not too time consuming in the winter slop. Getting yourself back to the start line when you’re ready is a good way to remind your body of the great feelings you get from racing. Getting back in the racing saddle can help start to focus your mind again on ‘proper’ training. For me it’s a good incentive as It makes me realise the impact over indulgence has had so gives me a kick to start the lean and clean living again.


3. Buy some new kit/ sort some sponsors out. It’s the time of year where you might look ahead to next season and think about new kit and sponsors if that’s your thing. Shiny new stuff and talking to others about what your plans are can be a good motivator to train hard again and test your new stuff out.


4. Goals. An obvious one but having some to aim for no matter how big or small can help long term motivation. If your main goal isn’t until later in the season think about interim things you might want to achieve or do to get you there. That pieces things back to where you are today and might help you think ‘well to do X I best get on with Y to get there’. A winter challenge of some sort can be a good idea to spark the motivation.



5. Remove excuses. What’s stopping you getting back out there? It might be a lack of a fully working bike which has surcomed to the winter slop or you’ve feeling tired after being ill. Whatever it is think about what is stopping you and take positive action to remove those excuses. 


6. Ship shape your diet. It like me you have found yourself in a spiral of dining out on previous months achievements then it’s a good time to get back to your ‘on it’ diet. This for me is just one trigger that tells me I’m getting ready to train again. You might be equally motivated to ‘offset’ some of the upcoming turkey marathons by a few days of really nice healthy and nutritious eating. You’ll also feel much better in yourself as you give your body the right stuff to give you the energy to start smashing sessions again. 


7. Most importantly when getting back on the wagon at this time of year is making the time to do things you most enjoy around your sport. Whether that’s doing a few more rides with mates or maybe even just some totally unstructured adventures on your favourite bike, just getting out there more regularly whatever you are doing will get the endorphins flowing again and get you back in the groove in no time.