Start the Year Right

We have nearly reached the start of 2018 and you are now on your training journey. 

Let’s make sure we hit 2018 rolling in the right direction!! Working as an endurance coach means I have lots of athletes all heading towards their 2018 goals and it's key we get people on the right path from the start of the year - remember your event will come round quicker than you think. 

My first tip is don’t give up! It can take from 4 – 6 weeks to notice physical changes as your brain will be making your body cope over this time. So if you’re a first timer and new to this, or perhaps your motivation is lacking, don’t give up. 

My second tip is keep regular and steady...  Consistency is the best way to train for endurance, even if your sessions are short, your body will build and adapt if you create a consistent pattern.

My third Tip is rest well; take a resting heart rate while in bed in the morning and then do this two or three times a week, if you find your resting heart rate increased by more than 10 beats you could be doing too much so take a short break of 1-2 days. 

My fourth tip is to keep the fun in it. Find others to train with, stop at cafés, set Strava challenges etc and all these things will help keep you focused and out training which is the most important thing. 

My fifth and final tip is to keep a food diary. Go and buy a small note book and keep a daily record of what you are eating, look at how many calories you are burning in training and if consumption is high, have a look at what you can change or cut out.  

Following the above tips will help you start out 2018 on the right path and ease you into your Sportive journey in a positive way.

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