Goal 1 Strathpuffer

How a coach plans his plan part one

Goals now being established means it’s time to crack on with the training.  Being invited by USE/Exposure and Sam Pantling to race as a team of 4 at the Strathpuffer was an easy goal to except. January 20th!

This gives me my get back on an MTB focus and over winter training focus as well. I am super fortunate to have so many good friends that ride, which means I have people offering rides pretty regularly. So I am making sure I accept these offers to ensure I am getting out and teaching my muscles how to work on the bike again.



Cardio vascular fitness is great at the moment but I need to make it specific to cycling while maintaining my current run fitness. Given the size of my goals this year and going into 2019 I know I need to have some quality volume in both bike and run. No time to waste any sessions I will be really fine tuning my own training.

So for this period of training I am following weight strength sessions twice a week, an hour yoga class a week and a run and ride a day, how I balance the run and ride is currently shorter regular runs at low intensity.

The rides for November and December are focused on base effort getting longer in duration, with a few strength rides.  I am aiming to work off around 15hrs a week mixing core and stretching with every cardio session.

What am I looking to see if the next two months? A shift in leg strength to cope with climbing on the bike again, also muscular endurance to catch up with Cardio endurance on the bike.

Run fitness to stay at a good level (if only at a steady pace) May have an Ultra Marathon in the mix early December.

IMG 1636

Increased flexibility with use of structured yoga classes plus post sessions stretching.

I will be maintaining my weight at around 78kg which means I do not need to lose anymore as I worked hard to shift 5kg for this current season and feel for me looking after this weight is easier than putting on and then trying to lose it again.

Getting the work life balance, up to Goal 1 I have no training camps or planned trips abroad so I can get some good structure in place. As we head to spring and main focus moves to Goal 2 I will be running several road focused training camps so my next period training blog will have to cover dealing with those.

As I mentioned in a previous blog I have 4 goals, 2 MTB and 2 running. Now while I am talking about Goal 1 as a coach I am having to look at how this will impact my next goal, and making sure post Goal 1 I am in a good position to shift in to heavy run focus. This is where understanding our own bodies is a great help and gauging our recovery not just every month but each day is really important. I have been working closer with the team at Torq and making sure I am following great a recovery diet and listening to what my body is telling me.

There you have a small over view of how I am approaching my own training for my first race in January. If you have any questions about my training or your own please and I will happily discuss.