No Fuss November 

October has now gone, my own rest and chill month (from training that is) has past, I now move into no fuss November This is the month that I find is key in my own prep. Training sessions are mostly in the dark now and they feel slow and sluggish but they need to get done and understanding that they will be slow and not feel great is really important to progressing and being able to get back to feeling good. The sooner I except this the quicker this phase passes.

Key for me now is having the goals for 2018 in place to help keep the motivation high especially in this month. For me I am super lucky and people have been coming to me with some great goals to take on, I have 4 goals now through 2018 2 bike 2 run (Once all confirmed I will share the goals).

I am super pleased to be getting back on the MTB with some focus as well as some tough running challenges.


With goals in place I can start now to look at outlining my training by researching the events and challenges of the courses etc. The more prep we can do prior to our events the better place we put ourselves on the start line.

Both runs and MTB events are long endurance focus and stage events so making sure recovery time is key and working on methods I have used myself and with others are engaged again, with a few new ideas that I love to create round this time of year.

November is my No Fuss month due to timing of my events in 2018, you may find you have a different month of No Fuss, just make sure you just get out there keep effort low and expectations of performance also keep low and build your training time and consistency up before you know it you will back and in a great place.

Use this time to help create plans for your events as well, this is a fun part and also really important.

If you would like help with your goals and working out how to get back on it, then drop us an email: and let us work with you.